General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Every order placed on the company Atlantique Berlines scale the acceptance of the general terms and conditions that are a part of the transport’s contract signed between Atlantique Berlines and his contractor.


We are setting our quotes the more precisely possible, based on the quotation’s elements that we have. The quotation is firm when the final program is giving to us. In case of a project or a program not exactly defined, the quote is estimated and can be revised, based on the elements that was not known initially, such as additional kilometers, extra hours…

In general, every service provided by our company unscheduled to the quotation is chargeable.


The price of the transfer applies to a constant displacement. The quantity of luggage is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle.

The minimum of service billed is:

  • Berline/Minivan : 5 hours day & night


Every photos of the vehicles on the website are not contractual.

From reception of your order, we will send you a quotation that match the informations provided.

A quote is only effective after a positive feedback from the client and an acceptance from us.

The offer have to specify the departure and arrival but also the extra hours. If this proposal is confirmed by our services, should be return dated, signed and stamped, and after, send by fax or email. The firm booking of the vehicles will only be considered after the reception of a valid number of the credit card (+ expiration date). A deposit of 50% of the price indicated to the quote or the totality of the price will also be asked. The booking by order form or convention will also be accepted for the major accounts.


The final program will have to be communicated at least 8 days before. Including the precise departure time, flight or train details, welcome board with the name of the client, meeting point, number of clients, detail of the tour and name of the group manager.

The delivery is only valid one time and will be lost without any refund if the client did not shows up. Every delay of more than one hour will be charged based on the hourly rates mentioned in our prices. Every extra hours will be due in its totality. Each damage caused inside the vehicle will be borne by the client. It is prohibited to smoke inside. The use of seatbelts is mandatory.


The responsibility of our drivers is engaged during the car’s rental period, they have to respect and enforce the laws in force. The respect of the social and transportation legislation is primary.

The Minibuses/Buses: 10 hours (day) between 8 am and 8 pm, 5 hours (mid-day) between 8 am and 2 pm or noon and 8 pm, 5 hours (evening/night) between 8 am and 8 pm.

Our freights prices have a VAT of 10%. The prices indicated include the vehicle, the driver’s delivery, the fuel, the peoples and luggage insurance.

The hand baggage are not assured and are under the responsibility of their owners. No object left in the passenger compartment are insured. The driver cannot be entrusted with a mission of valuable’s safekeeping.

The client charges tolls and parking that were not initially planned. The price given match a cost for a vehicle, from 4 to 8 people for the minivans and from 9 to 49 people for the minibuses and buses.

Unless special agreement, our prices commitments will be valid up to the date of the performance. Even if a price increase is exceptional, it will be justified by economic or legal elements.

Driver’s meal and accommodation:

Driver’s meal and accommodation are born by the group.

For the meals: this is a warm meal (in the same conditions as the group with 3 courses).

Otherwise you will be charged of a 21€ meal package (VAT 20%). This plan applies between noon & 2pm, but also 7pm & 9pm.

For the accommodations: the VAT (20%) is not retrievable by our company. The 120 € plan accommodation includes the breakfast, parking and city tax.

The drivers have to respect the speed limitations, driving and rest times. The client have no right to require traffic violations from the drivers. They cannot refuse rest time required to the respect of the legislation. In order to help our customers, our operations office remains available.

We reserve the right to cancel a mission if the real program does not match the quotation.


Atlantique Berlines reserve the right to perform them if the cancellation could have been avoided. The fees charged on the expected amount of the services are:

  • 24 hours before, 50% in minivan/berline, 100% in minibus/bus
  • Between 1 and 3 days, 30% in minivan/berline, 70% in minibus/bus
  • Between 4 and 7 days, 10% in minivan/berline, 40% in minibus/bus
  • Between 8 and 15 days, 0% in minivan/berline, 20% in minibus/bus
  • Between 16 and 30 days, 10% in minivan/berline and minibus/bus

No cancellation fee is due in cases of major force or fortuitous event.


According to the conditions given by our company, the invoices are payable in advance in the form of a prepayment or at the end of the mission. We admitting payments by cheque, bank transfer, cash and credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express).


Atlantique Berlines cannot be held responsible for the transport delays dues to circumstances beyond its control: closed roads, bridge close to the traffic, deviations, flooded roads, traffic congestion, weather conditions and attacks.

In case of the immobilization of the vehicle due to a mechanical failure, an accident or a damage (robbery, deterioration), Atlantique Berlines obliges to continue to drive, with one of its vehicles or one chartered to another company.


Each claim will be accepted in the period of business requirements to the common law. In case of litigation, the Commercial Court of Bordeaux will be the only competent authority.

ATLANTIQUE BERLINES cannot be held accountable for the delays due to major force cases: strikes, weather conditions, attacks, riots, etc…


The responsibility of ATLANTIQUE BERLINES is limited to the clauses of our insurance policy.

The contractor will be able to subscribe to an additional insurance into its responsibility for the cancellation and repatriation fees.


The vehicle and the driver will be carrying documents required to the service’s smooth running.

The decision-maker and the clients have to comply with the requirements applicable to the persons and their luggage. According to the current law in every public places, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside our vehicles.

In accordance to the dispositions of the Public Sale of Beverages Code, it is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages inside our vehicles. The use of seatbelts is mandatory for all the clients.


Any claim will only be accepted in a delay of 8 days after the execution of the contract. In case of litigation, the Commercial Court of Bordeaux will be the only one qualified.