The Ahoy Festival in Bordeaux

From 1 to 3 June 2018, come and discover the Ahoy festival organised by Iboat and the Bordeaux cultural association Trafic. In partnership with the Trafic association, Iboat is developing a 3-day and 2-night cultural and festive in the Bassin à Flot district. Articulated around 3 places, this festival takes place at the Dalle du Pertuis, at the Base sous marine and of course at the Iboat.


The first ephemeral village is located at the Dalle du Pertuis. Come and enjoy many activities with your family or friends. The price at the entrance of the village is free. Indeed, the organizers of this festival have decided not to set prices at the entrance. Everyone is free to give the rate he wants. In this village, find a refreshment bar, a mini photo gallery, a delicious market accompanied by food trucks. You can also take part in participatory activities. For adults but also for children, concerts are organized in the village.

The second village is located in the base sous marine. The price is also free. In an eco-village, come chill in a double-decker bus and enjoy DJ Set. Cine-concert, workshop, children’s workshops, creative market…there is something for all tastes and all ages! To restore you and refresh you, restaurants food and wine and food trucks will delight your taste buds.

Every evening, two big evenings are organized first at the base sous marine and then at the Iboat. The party will last all night! The Ahoy festival promises us 36 hours punctuated by a very electric musical program! Moreover, the Ahoy festival will also allow visitors to discover in preview the new sites invested by the Iboat.


Ahoy means a marine salute that is used internationally. This makes it possible to announce the arrival of a boat at sea. In Bordeaux, Ahoy is now synonymous with 3 days of celebration and conviviality.

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