It is an undeniable fact: the quality of a wine is linked both to the land which he was born and customs of those are produced – choice of grape varieties, cultural practices and winemaking methods. The wine is rooted in the history of Bordeaux. For nearly two thousand years, the vineyard has drawn the city and shaped its landscape. It is the heart of the largest vineyard wines in the world: 60 designations of origin regional, sub-regional or local, over 5000 castles, 40 cooperative wineries, 300 wine merchants. His wines are among the most prestigious in the world. Atlantic Sedans offers through its Wine Tours Bordeaux, discover, luxury car with driver, these priceless treasures. A tour in the first wine region appellation of France.



If the Medoc appellation can be applied to all of the Medoc vineyard, it is claimed mainly in the northern part of the peninsula of the Gironde. Medoc strengthens its personality with a fruity bouquet and roundness, due to a very large percentage merlot. It recognizes the elegance of her dress: deep dark ruby. It can sometimes develop into purple or garnet nuances.



Saint-Emilion, lovely medieval town of Libourne gives its name to two appellations: Saint-Emilion and Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. The vineyard covers eight cities that have succeeded the parishes dependent jurade. This country of small farms a wide variety produces wines with different personalities. Ruby color when young, the wines evolve to garnet after several years of aging.



With its terrace above the river Isle, a tributary of the Dordogne, nature has endowed the commune of Pomerol from a very special that earned him becoming a prestigious appellation red wine, despite its small size. The Pomerol have the advantage of being drunk young while demonstrating a great aging potential. Pomerol is fragmented into a series of scattered farms.



Formerly AOC serious, the vineyards of Pessac-Léognan is one of the oldest in the region. Poor soil, ridges with steep slopes, well organized water system, its soil as a homogeneous whole. Its wine qualities are sufficiently exceptional to that in 1855, Haut Brion, has been included alongside the Médoc châteaux in the group of first growths of the imperial ranking.



While the left bank of the Garonne seems to give to the forest, the vine breaks the landscape from other Ciron. This small river came the Moors, always fresh, flows into the warm waters of the Garonne. Sauternes is enveloped in mist. The grapes are covered with noble rot that concentrates their sugars and aromas. The winegrowers produce the most famous sweet wine in the world.



On the left bank of the Ciron, which separates it from Sauternes, Barsac appellation has a specific microclimate. The confluence of the cold waters of the Ciron and those of the Garonne hottest leads in the autumn morning fog, which combined with strong sunshine in the afternoon, are conducive to the development of Botrystis cinerea, which concentrates the sugar in grapes and allows the production of great sweet, voluptuous and racy.